Customer Reviews

Since moving to Chicago two years ago I have learned that you can’t trust many repair men to come in and give you an honest evaluation. I had a plumber tell me he needed to destroy my bathroom wall because of a hair clog, electricians who charged an arm and a leg because they had to drive an extra couple of blocks, and another Mold Remediation company who gave me an estimate for two grand to repair and clean a 2×2 square of drywall in my bathroom. “We will just bill your insurance,” they said.
I called Scott and Alan who, since this was my first dealing with a mold issue, walked me through the process of cutting out the drywall on my own so that Scott could come out an inspect the mold issue. The inspection was free, Alan told me, because its a slower time of year.
Imagine that! Instead of charging someone more because its slow, they actually offered to assess the situation for FREE! I fully expected to get screwed by the inspector though, figuring that he would tell me I had mold even though there was no visible evidence. Scott did the opposite though. He looked at my work, said, “Good job,” and explained that there was no mold.
So I actually never had to pay these guys a cent. They were willing to walk me through the process of removing a mold situation in my house without billing my insurance. Imagine, the first company I called gave me a $2,000 estimate for work I did in an hour with stuff I bought at Home Depot.
If I ever have a big job I definitely know who I’ll call. You should too. – Bree R.

I used PuroClean to remediate a mold issue in my attic. Scott and Allan were both extremely professional and informative during the estimate process, and quite courteous when I had a few rounds of questions.
When the work crew came out to perform the service, they were very friendly, polite, kept me informed of what they were doing, where, and why. They finished when they said they would and even stopped to tidy up the mess on the way out their door. – Vien T.

I had a really bad smoke incident in my condo & called PuroClean for an estimate. Scott (the owner) came out and was straight forward & honest in his recommendation. He suggested what he thought was necessary to clean the smoke smell without overcharging me. It was refreshing not getting raked over the coals.
Within one week of first calling Scott, my place was smoke free. I would recommend PuroClean to anyone with smoke damage. –Usha G.

I ended up putting in bamboo flooring which is great so far. Mario and David came back to help me unpack everything they had boxed up pre-demolition. Not only did they do another great job, they took pics before boxing it up in the first place so everything is EXACTLY where it was pre-flood. Love you guys and thank you many, many times over!!!! Happy 2015!!!! – S.K.

I just got off the phone with Puroclean and am so glad I gave them a call! We are new to Illinois and never had a basement before, and therefore never had to deal with mold concerns.
The person I spoke to was extremely helpful in assessing the situation and talked me through a step by step process on how to handle the situation on my own as it was a small issue. He could have put my through the financial wringer if he wanted to, instead, he was polite, helpful and made sure I understood everything.
I am hoping that we can handle the situation on our own, however, if we can’t, Puroclean is the only company I will call!
Thank you for all of your help and your amazing customer service! –Brianna

Scott was very kind in commenting on my original review and also following up via telephone, which I appreciated. The reason I am not giving my updated review a 5 is because after I was not able to get a hold of anyone, another owner in my building contacted PuroClean and was able to get a hold of someone right away (even with Scott being out). She spoke to Marco and was able to get Marco to come out and look at our mold issues. My husband meet with Marco and really liked him over other companies we had come out. Marco was professional and knowledgeable and explained what we needed to have done. Our condo ended up going with PuroClean and they did a great job. Besides, the hiccup in the beginning, PuroClean is a great company and very professional. Our condo association was pleased with the work they did on our building. -Brianna

My husband and I had the privilege of having Marco and his workers come to our house and do mold remediation. I have to say they were great! They were very professional, informative, and considerate in making sure everything was tidy when they left. I would definitely do business with them again and make sure we get Marco! We’d highly recommend him and his crew. –Joseph B.

Scott and his crew were wonderful! Our condo basement suffered a sewer back-up just over a week ago on a Sunday night so we were desperate for help. Nasty things were floating around and the place reeked. Even on a Sunday night, Scott answered the phone and set up a site visit for first thing the next morning. We ended up hiring them and they immediately set to work. They did a wonderful job and our basement looks wonderful. They left fans and dehydrators running for a couple days and it seems to have done the trick. They were professional and great to work with. And they stuck by the price they quoted, despite the fact that it took longer for the clean-up than they had expected. So no nasty surprises after the fact. – Sarah C.

After a sewage pipe cracked and left our bathroom ceiling soaked, PuroClean did a great job with mold remediation and sanitation. The owner came for the initial assessment and he was VERY knowledgable. The service people are friendly and thorough. Thanks for a great job and the quick fix! – Wayne B.

I called up Scott from PuroClean for a flooded basement in a commercial building and he was able to meet me within the hour with equipment in tow and ready to go to work. They were fast, efficient and very professional. – Mandy A.

There’s a reason why they get all 5 stars, they are about as wonderful to deal with as you can imagine when you’re trying to get a lovely situation such as mold under control.
Scott came out on a weekend to check out the damage and worked with my husband to get a quote together that day. He also agreed to do a bunch of really not fun work like tearing out my 70″ vanity and dumb builder mirror for a reasonable price in addition to tearing out the dry wall with mold.
David came out on time and worked tirelessly to get everything done in one day. He cleaned up all of the debris and made sure my condo was clean as well before he left. He was very professional and explained everything and didn’t complain when he tore up the tile floor to reveal… more tile floor underneath.
Overall a great company to deal with and would highly recommend to anyone in the area. –Cindy K.